Our Backcountry Pro
Does What He Wants

I first stumbled upon a pair of Handout gloves a few years ago on a trip to Chile. Big Mountain

snowboard guru and friend, Jeremy Jones, gifted me a pair the day before we left on a three

week excursion into the heart of the Andes. Over the course of my time down there, I instantly

fell in love with the Pro glove. From splitboard touring to climbing a couloir, or taking photos to

setting up camp in cold wintry conditions, the functionality of a hand zipper quickly became

something I couldn’t live without.

Three years later, my initial testimony still stands true and I am proud to announce the Alturas

Glove to the lineup. Over the last two years, I have worked closely with the Handout team to

help develop what I consider to be the ideal glove for spending time in the mountains. For

someone that spends over 150 days a year on my snowboard, my gloves are perhaps in the top

three most crucial pieces of gear I use daily. This translates into functionality always having top


We have added a few new key features on the Alturas, creating the ultimate choice in hand

protection. The extended cuff and bungee closure fits perfectly over a jacket, blocking out any

unwanted snow buildup around the wrist. The oversized Paracord Zipper Pullers make opening

and closing the hand zipper extremely easy in tricky situations while on the go.

Since wearing Handouts, simple tasks such as drinking water and eating snacks has become

easier, and the time it takes for the details of backcountry travel such as splitboard transitions or

putting on crampons has become more efficient. My hands stay warmer throughout the day, as I

do not have to deal with taking my gloves on and off in the snow, while at the same time, I can

vent my hands while hiking and eliminate overheating. If you are looking for a daily glove to get

you through all weather conditions, the Alturas is your best option.