Working Hard, In and Out of The Office

From the experienced and eclectic ownership, to the ride or die in house team, we live to work but primarily work to live. Outdoors adventures and backyard barbecues are staples in our lives, but we wouldn’t have any of it if it weren’t for our loyal customers and supportive community friends. Stop by for a chat anytime, we may even let you help us out, or worst case we will drink a RoHa (or two) and have some laughs.

In case you missed it, our Co-Founders Don Wildman and Jake Sullivan were on Shark Tank last year making some serious moves and getting our name out to the masses. Although every episode of that show is fantastic, we highly recommend you check out our pitch on, it was a bit hot, on multiple accounts.

We couldn’t be more excited to have season passes to Brighton this year. Plan on catching up with our team every first Saturday of the month at our pop-up tent for some games and good times. Be on the look out for a bigger event up at Brighton in February!

Partnerships and community are our priorities, right next to selling a superior glove & mitten product for our customers. Drink RoHa beers, rip it up at Brighton, become a member of Ski Utah and come join us in outdoor harmony here in the Radical Rocky Mountains!

Meet Don Wildman. After starting his morning by splitboarding up Brighton for an untouched run before first chair, he laps chairs until about 2pm. Followed by a two-hour utterly punishing weight workout called the Circuit. Then he finishes with his intense recovery program of sauna ice bath, 3 times, back to back …to back.

In the off season he goes biking for miles every single day and paddling three days a week. He’s into stand-up paddle boarding, big-wave surfing and helicopter snowboarding. Don Wildman is one of the most amazing athletes in the world. He is also almost 85 years old with absolutely no sign of slowing down. Meet Don Wildman, world athlete and a really extraordinary individual.